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Safety is no Accident

COR Certificate
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If you have been following our blogs or our Instagram account then you know how much emphasis
The T&P team puts on safety.

That is why we were so excited to receive an award from the Trucking Safety Council of BC recognizing our efforts.
While we didn’t do it for the rewards or recognition, we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s always nice when someone recognizes and appreciates your work.

However, though we may have only just received this award, our efforts towards improving safety and supporting WCB safety standards started a long time ago.

Safety First

Every industry has specific safety regulations they need to meet, and trucking is no exception. Since T&P trucking started up their first truck back in 1080, we have worked hard to stay up to date with all safety regulations. Even today when there are new changes to the safety standard we update and train our drivers and employees as needed.

Because of having safety so ingrained in our work, it didn’t take long to recognize the benefits of maintaining safe working practices and we felt the desire to go above and beyond the required safety rules. This feeling resulted in encouraging all of our employees to embrace a ‘safety mindset’ in all aspects of the workplace, not just in our truck yard where the dangers are obvious.

We also wanted to show others what we were doing so we started sharing tips, reminders and safety ideas on our Instagram. Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. In this way we could share our own safety efforts and encourage other companies to improve their safety standards as well.

It wasn’t long before WCB noticed that we put a high value and importance on safety. They asked us if we would donate the use of our time, drivers, and yard to help them film safety videos about jobsite safety. We jumped at the opportunity and just a few months later the videos were ready.

These videos turned out awesome and you can check them out below:

Getting Noticed

It was never our goal to improve safety just so we could be recognized, but when we were able to apply for the COR (Certificate of Recognition) program we thought it would be a great idea.

The whole T&P team was excited when we finished the course and received our recognition from Safety Driven BC:

Further Recognition

The Safety Driven organisation has been making great strides towards encouraging all companies to increase their safety efforts. They even held an event recently that showcased some of the local businesses’ efforts towards safety and awarded some companies with a certification plaque.

The T&P team were further excited to learn that T&P Trucking had been nominated for not one but two awards! We of course were happy to attend the event and had a great time meeting other like-minded companies who care for safety as much as we do.

Here are some pictures from the event:

That last picture is our Manager Sam trying vigorously to remove fingerprints off the reward, so we of course had to touch it again when he was done, haha.

We really appreciate these awards and plan to continue working safely in all aspects of our industry. We also want to encourage and challenge other local companies to step up their safety game and hopefully we can see them at next years awards!

If you would like to learn more about the Benefits of COR and learn how to enroll, click here or on the image below.

Safety Driven COR Certified logo

New Semi-Truck Regulations

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Say the word ‘Humboldt’ to almost anyone and you are guaranteed to stir up certain images or emotions.
We all have seen images from the crash. Over time we have also come to know and understand why this accident happened.
It was the result of a lack of training for commercial vehicle operators. The worst part is that the Humboldt crash is not an isolated incident.
In one report focused on accidents caused by commercial vehicles, it was discovered that approximately 5,000 people die each year as a result from semi truck crashes.
Many are left to wonder if there is anything that can be done to reduce these numbers and make the roads safe for everyone.
One government official seems to have the solution.

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How to be a Healthy Truck Driver

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Every truck driver knows how important their truck is. Without it their vacations and livelihood could suffer. So they take the time to look after it, making sure it receives proper care and maintenance. They want their rig to perform at its best and stay running for years to come.
However, taking care of your truck is only half the battle. You also need to take care of yourself! For someone whose spends most of his or her time on the road, this is no easy task. If you search online, you’ll find articles detailing the top 10, 25, or even 50 ways to stay healthy as a truck driver.
50 ways?!
Health is important, but who is going to remember 50 different methods? How about 6?
We’ve gone through these mega lists and cut it down to a 6 step process to keep your mind and body performing at their best. (Hint: it’s a lot easier than you think)

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Do Truck Drivers Need More Training?

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You’ve likely seen a semi truck making a tight turn or difficult maneuver, and think “Wow, those drivers are skilled. They must have a lot of training!” True, there are thousands of trained, experienced, and professional truck drivers. But is this always the case?
The findings of this CBC News investigation may surprise you.

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Bungee Or Tie Down?

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It wasn’t long after the first elastic band was patented in 1922 that the bungee cord was created and it too would prove to be a useful tool for pretty much everyone. Today, whether you drive a 80,000 lb transport truck or two door hatchback you will find many uses for a good bungee cord. However despite its many uses it IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be used in lieu of a proper tie-down strap.
Here are some reasons as to why:

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Announcing a New ELD Partnership

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With the ELD deadline approaching on December 18th of this year, we are happy that our early efforts find a supportive ELD provider has paid off. Without having to deal with device shortages and a waiting list, T&P Trucking is happy to announce that we will be utilizing the full support of Switchboard Inc for their electronic logging, GPS, IFTA, safety and document management services!

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The EL’D-Day’ Is Coming

ELD mandate driver
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Whether you have been driving truck for the past 30 years or you have recently started to drive truck 6 months ago, we are all about to enter into a whole new world of trucking. Unless you have been living in a cave, you have seen the non stop flow of news articles, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos all discussing the facts and opinions about the implementation of the ELDs and the coming December 18, 2017 deadline. Since we are so close to this EL’D-day’ what can we expect from traffic authorities and their handling of truck drivers and their respective companies?

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Protecting Truckers From Road Rage

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We live in an exciting time. Technological achievements are advancing further and further every year. Cars and trucks can now drive themselves, our phones give us an almost endless reach to a wealth of information, and scientific achievements are helping people live even longer. Despite these many accomplishments there exists a plague among us, though it is not an infectious disease, nor is it an insect attack of biblical proportion. In this post we uncover the ugly facts of this growing plague that is affecting millions of regular well-being people..

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Substance Awareness: Opioids

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When you feel a headache intensifying or your sciatic nerve starts to flare up again, what is the first action you will likely take? For many, grabbing a bottle of painkillers is commonly a first move towards achieving relief for a variety of painful ailments. Does this classify you as an addict or dependent, just because you want relief from your pain? If we frequently use painkillers, does that mean we are at risk of developing a dependency or an addiction to opioids from pain medications?

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Truck Drivers vs Pedestrians

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It’s 6:30 in the morning. You grab your morning coffee and head out the door. As you travel down the street, you notice that due to the morning fog, visibility is quite limited. As you approach the next intersection, you safely come to a stop and scan both directions before proceeding; everything looks clear. You are halfway through the intersection when suddenly bright lights from over your shoulder are upon you, filling your vision with brightness. You quickly run across the intersection, avoiding what could have been the end of your day.

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