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Announcing a New ELD Partnership

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With the ELD deadline approaching on December 18th of this year, we are happy that our early efforts find a supportive ELD provider has paid off. Without having to deal with device shortages and a waiting list, T&P Trucking is happy to announce that we will be utilizing the full support of Switchboard Inc for their electronic logging, GPS, IFTA, safety and document management services!

A Difficult Road Behind

Perhaps you have followed us on our journey so far by reading our previous blog articles as we explored and navigated the difficulties and concerns that a Canadian transportation carrier has in implementing a new system ELD solution in order to be compliant for the ELD mandate. If not, you can have a read here:

A Bright Road Ahead

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Switchboard as they proved that they could provide us with a complete solution which allows us to manage our fleet easier than ever before. With Switchboard, we are able to take control of safety and operations with the latest cloud technology. Without having to break a sweat, we are confident that we can stay compliant with the ELD mandate, utilise GPS tracking, get violation reports, and manage IFTA all with the use of a common computer, tablet or mobile phone. Switchboard ELDs are easy to use and have all the features that allow us to keep our peace of mind. If we do have any questions, the Switchboard support team is incredibly knowledgeable and are only a quick phone call or instant message away.

We held a company meeting at the end of September 2017 to present the ELD mandate issues in depth to our drivers and explain how T&P Trucking planned to implement these new tools to be compliant by December 18. We invited Switchboard to come along and they presented their product to our drivers and explained how it all works. One of our professional drivers who was using their ELD product during the first week of having it installed reported back to us, “It was really easy to use. I was able to figure out how it works on my first trip down to the USA.” We truly are grateful to have had Switchboard’s assistance through the whole implementation period in our company.

Find out more about the Switchboard ELD solution by visiting their website.

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