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Flat Decks, Flatbeds

Flat Decks, Flatbeds

Photo of flatbed trailer

All of our 53′ quad-axle flat deck or flatbed trailers are able to handle a minimum of 60,000 lbs payload and come standard equipped with 4×4 dunnage, coil bunks, 8 chains and binders, 24 straps, corner protectors as well as steel and lumber tarps. Their legal load dimensions are 53′ × 8’6″ × 8’6″.

Our 53′ tandem-axle low profile trailers are California legal (10′ spread, 40′ kingpin setting) and allow for load dimensions of 53′ × 8’6″ × 9’2″. These trailers are great for bulky shipments like insulation, stucco lathe, out anything else that needs a little more height and length.

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