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Is your boat or RV stored across the Canada-USA border during this COVID-19 pandemic?

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The Canada-USA international border has been temporarily closed to non-essential traffic for a number of weeks now to reduce the spread of COVID-19 between our two nations. Health officials are calling on governments on both sides of the border to extended the deadline to the end of summer. Yet, vacation time is upon us now. With travel restrictions in place, many BC province residents and Washington state residents are looking to take to the outdoors and enjoy their own beautiful backyard. Unfortunately, for some of these residents, this is no longer a possibility due to the border restrictions. This is because each year they would commonly visit British Columbia or Washington State as somewhat of a tradition, with some even buying or leasing vacation properties there and wintering their recreational vehicles (RV), such as a motorhome, travel trailer or fifth wheel, and storing their pleasure crafts, such as a fishing boat, speed boat, sport boat or sea-doo. With the non-essential travel restrictions in place, this means that these residents will be unable to retrieve their RVs or boats to enjoy them for the summer.

As a result, over the past few weeks, we have had a number of requests asking if we, as a commercial transporter, can cross into the USA and retrieve their RV or boat for them. The answer is yes! Our transportation services take us from Canada into the USA and back again everyday, where it is deemed an essential service. Our company’s transportation network is a small part of the global supply chain that services British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana businesses and residents everyday. Our CDL drivers are deemed as essential workers, that is, those allowed to cross the border for commercial activity as long as they follow COVID-19 procedures and self-isolate when not on active duty or when at home.

This means that we can take on commercial service contracts with Canadian and American businesses and residents to transport their goods for them as a service. Driving a motorhome, towing an RV, a travel trailer, a fifth wheel, a fishing boat, a speed boat, a sport boat, or sea-doo all qualifies as long as we are contracted to do so. We use commercially registered pickup trucks and highway tractors driven by CDL operators to locate your item, connect to it, clear the border and haul it to your designated location. We have already helped out a few residents with great success.

If you are interested in this form of cross-border local towing service, or pick up and delivery service from the BC border to Washington state, or Washington border to the Province of British Columbia, please consider this list of what we will need from you:

  • Address of the pick up location
  • Codes, key fobs and keys to open gates, doors, alarms to access your RV or boat
  • Proof of ownership (title, registrations, etc)
  • Valid registration and active insurance
  • Keys for pin locks and wheel locks to be able to connect to and to tow
  • Keys to door locks and compartment locks for potential inspection purposes at the border
  • Trailer hitch ball size requirement
  • Trailer weight
  • Any other instructions you may think that we need

If you contract our company to haul your RV or boat back home, we will need go the commercial border clearance office on your behalf to “import” the boat or RV while proving that it is already registered and owned and tax paid in its own respective country. No duties, taxes or fees are paid to CBSA or CBP at the border. Afterwards, we can either haul your RV or boat to your home or another storage location, or to a nearby parking lot to allow you to connect to it and complete the trip yourself. It really is that simple!

Don’t let COVID-19 spoil your vacation plans this summer. Contact us today to arrange for your recreational vehicles, trailers and boats to be rescued and brought back home so you may enjoy them all summer long!




Updated July 23, 2020

BC Government Announces Interim Business Property Tax Relief Program

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On Monday February 24, 2020, the BC government announced the new Interim Business Property Tax Relief program that will be effective for the next 5 years. This interim program will allow local governments to provide immediate property tax relief for the 2020 tax year. This relief will apply to small businesses, like ours at T & P Trucking, that are struggling with high lease costs as a result of years of rapidly increasing property values.

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Attracting Millennials to Trucking

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”. We have probably all been asked that at some point in our life.
Can you think back to what your answer was? Was it to be a truck driver? Maybe, but we doubt it. Long haul trucking is not something many kids think of as a future job.

Why would someone want to be a truck driver? Freedom from the office? Higher earnings? Being your own boss? These sound like great reasons to us, yet there are many trucking companies that are facing the growing struggle of attracting millennials to the trucking industry. Let’s see why and what each trucking company can do to change that.

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New Semi-Truck Regulations

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Say the word ‘Humboldt’ to almost anyone and you are guaranteed to stir up certain images or emotions.
We all have seen images from the crash. Over time we have also come to know and understand why this accident happened.
It was the result of a lack of training for commercial vehicle operators. The worst part is that the Humboldt crash is not an isolated incident.
In one report focused on accidents caused by commercial vehicles, it was discovered that approximately 5,000 people die each year as a result from semi truck crashes.
Many are left to wonder if there is anything that can be done to reduce these numbers and make the roads safe for everyone.
One government official seems to have the solution.

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How to be a Healthy Truck Driver

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Every truck driver knows how important their truck is. Without it their vacations and livelihood could suffer. So they take the time to look after it, making sure it receives proper care and maintenance. They want their rig to perform at its best and stay running for years to come.
However, taking care of your truck is only half the battle. You also need to take care of yourself! For someone whose spends most of his or her time on the road, this is no easy task. If you search online, you’ll find articles detailing the top 10, 25, or even 50 ways to stay healthy as a truck driver.
50 ways?!
Health is important, but who is going to remember 50 different methods? How about 6?
We’ve gone through these mega lists and cut it down to a 6 step process to keep your mind and body performing at their best. (Hint: it’s a lot easier than you think)

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Apps Truck Drivers Love

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Many truck drivers today may remember a time when the only way to communicate with loved ones while on the road was to make a phone call from the next roadside diner or use a pay phone at a gas station. Thankfully, the era of the cell phone was soon to arrive, giving everyone the opportunity to keep regular contact with the office and loved ones alike.

Fast forward to today and our phones are much more than just a way to communicate with each other. If you have browsed through your app store lately, you probably noticed there seems to be an application for almost every type of job or industry. As this article is on a trucking website, we thought it made sense to showcase a few of the apps truck drivers love and that can help make life in the trucking industry easier.

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The EL’D-Day’ Is Coming

ELD mandate driver
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Whether you have been driving truck for the past 30 years or you have recently started to drive truck 6 months ago, we are all about to enter into a whole new world of trucking. Unless you have been living in a cave, you have seen the non stop flow of news articles, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos all discussing the facts and opinions about the implementation of the ELDs and the coming December 18, 2017 deadline. Since we are so close to this EL’D-day’ what can we expect from traffic authorities and their handling of truck drivers and their respective companies?

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Protecting Truckers From Road Rage

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We live in an exciting time. Technological achievements are advancing further and further every year. Cars and trucks can now drive themselves, our phones give us an almost endless reach to a wealth of information, and scientific achievements are helping people live even longer. Despite these many accomplishments there exists a plague among us, though it is not an infectious disease, nor is it an insect attack of biblical proportion. In this post we uncover the ugly facts of this growing plague that is affecting millions of regular well-being people..

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Substance Awareness: Opioids

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When you feel a headache intensifying or your sciatic nerve starts to flare up again, what is the first action you will likely take? For many, grabbing a bottle of painkillers is commonly a first move towards achieving relief for a variety of painful ailments. Does this classify you as an addict or dependent, just because you want relief from your pain? If we frequently use painkillers, does that mean we are at risk of developing a dependency or an addiction to opioids from pain medications?

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Truck Drivers vs Pedestrians

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It’s 6:30 in the morning. You grab your morning coffee and head out the door. As you travel down the street, you notice that due to the morning fog, visibility is quite limited. As you approach the next intersection, you safely come to a stop and scan both directions before proceeding; everything looks clear. You are halfway through the intersection when suddenly bright lights from over your shoulder are upon you, filling your vision with brightness. You quickly run across the intersection, avoiding what could have been the end of your day.

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