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Holiday Hours

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We will be mostly closed on May 20th for Victoria day, with just a few support staff available. We will be fully open again on Tuesday May 21st.

We want everyone to have a safe long weekend and enjoy the weather. If you’re planning some outdoor activities, the weather doesn’t look too terrible.
During your weekend activities keep an eye open for a rare Full Blue Moon, it should be fully visible on April 19th.

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Attracting Millennials to Trucking

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“What do you want to be when you grow up?”. We have probably all been asked that at some point in our life.
Can you think back to what your answer was? Was it to be a truck driver? Maybe, but we doubt it. Long haul trucking is not something many kids think of as a future job.

Why would someone want to be a truck driver? Freedom from the office? Higher earnings? Being your own boss? These sound like great reasons to us, yet there are many trucking companies that are facing the growing struggle of attracting millennials to the trucking industry. Let’s see why and what each trucking company can do to change that.

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New Semi-Truck Regulations

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Say the word ‘Humboldt’ to almost anyone and you are guaranteed to stir up certain images or emotions.
We all have seen images from the crash. Over time we have also come to know and understand why this accident happened.
It was the result of a lack of training for commercial vehicle operators. The worst part is that the Humboldt crash is not an isolated incident.
In one report focused on accidents caused by commercial vehicles, it was discovered that approximately 5,000 people die each year as a result from semi truck crashes.
Many are left to wonder if there is anything that can be done to reduce these numbers and make the roads safe for everyone.
One government official seems to have the solution.

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