T&P Trucking, Ltd.

History / Mission


Founding owner, Tim Pattison, and the early days with his 1965 Hayes cab over truck

T&P Trucking began its humble beginnings with its incorporation in 1980, with Tim Pattison operating solely from the cab of his 1965 Hayes cab-over tractor in the heart of Vancouver, BC. In 1987, T&P moved its operations to the basement of theĀ Pattison home. About this time, and after growing the fleet of trucks to 5 units, T&P expanded their routes into Seattle, WA, USA. Shortly thereafter, and about the time of the deregulation of the Canadian transportation industry, T&P moved its operations again, this time to downtown Langley, BC where it could grow and expand the fleet to as many as 32 units over a decade. In 2001, T&P Trucking relocated its headquarters to where it is currently operating in Gloucester Industrial Park, Langley, BC.

Today, T&P Trucking depends solely on its 25 Owner Operators and 13 employees to provide the safe and reliable service that our customers depend on. We remain flexible and competitive in the ever changing markets of North America in order to assist our customers in developing their own competitive strategies here and abroad. We offer our services in a variety of routes and differing types of equipment in order to assist our customers in expanding their market reach.


It is our mission to meet the needs of our customers through prompt, reliable service and communication. At all times, we act to ensure the safety of our workers and the public. We strive to achieve a professional and motivated work place based on honesty, reliability and efficiency, which will ensure that our team works to its greatest potential. We work together to build a positive and forward thinking environment with the result that our hard work and determination will be mutually profitable for our customers, suppliers and employees.

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