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Hazardous Materials

Hazardous Materials

Graphic of hazardous materials warning signs

We are fully certified, FAST accredited and C-TPAT approved to handle hazardous goods and materials within Canada and the USA. We have experience in handling various paint and adhesive materials as well as batteries, fertilizers, oils and solvents.

To be able to service you by transporting and handling these types of shipments, we simply require that your shippers provide us with the corresponding WHMIS worksheets and documentation as well as the corresponding placards of the goods. We need this in order to be able to accept any hazardous materials shipments on our equipment. Our drivers have been trained on how to fill out proper documentation, on proper handling and load securement of hazardous materials. In the case of an emergency, all of our drivers carry company issued spill kits and have been trained in emergency responsiveness, spill containment and spill cleanup.

Please contact our Safety Manager, Don Mills, if you have any questions regarding this service or would like to procure copies of our licensing or certification prior to shipping.

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