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Announcing a New ELD Partnership

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With the ELD deadline approaching on December 18th of this year, we are happy that our early efforts find a supportive ELD provider has paid off. Without having to deal with device shortages and a waiting list, T&P Trucking is happy to announce that we will be utilizing the full support of Switchboard Inc for their electronic logging, GPS, IFTA, safety and document management services!

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The EL’D-Day’ Is Coming

ELD mandate driver
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Whether you have been driving truck for the past 30 years or you have recently started to drive truck 6 months ago, we are all about to enter into a whole new world of trucking. Unless you have been living in a cave, you have seen the non stop flow of news articles, Facebook posts, and YouTube videos all discussing the facts and opinions about the implementation of the ELDs and the coming December 18, 2017 deadline. Since we are so close to this EL’D-day’ what can we expect from traffic authorities and their handling of truck drivers and their respective companies?

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