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Should You Bother Getting a Dash Cam?

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We have all experienced it.

You’re cruising through traffic, everything seems to be going fine. Out of no where someone cuts in front of you, causing you to slam on your breaks and barely escape ramming them. While in this scenario no one was hurt, the next time you may not be as fortunate.
Is there anything you can do to stop these idiot drivers?

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C-TPAT Training

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We all know how the world changed after the September 2001 terrorist attacks. If you’ve vacationed across the border lately, you no doubt noticed all the layers of security in place. But what about the constant movement of cargo travelling across the border? How do we know the goods we move haven’t been compromised of brought across illegally? This is where C-TPAT comes into play.

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Looking Back at 2015

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As we move forward into this new year we can’t help but look back at 2015 with appreciation over what we have achieved. We faced many challenges during 2015, but along with these challenges came opportunities. Let’s look back over the past year to see what it looked like, so that we can understand the challenges and appreciate the opportunities that came from them. Reflecting on these prepares us for what we may face during the rest of this year. What were some of these challenges, opportunities and statistics? What opportunities do we expect for the coming year?

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Driving the Food Industry!?!

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On Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, T&P Trucking accepted a contract to move a shipment from La Habra, CA, USA to Delta, BC, Canada. This was no ordinary shipment. This was a masterpiece of machinery to be used in the food industry which also happened to be well over 9 feet tall, finished with stainless steel and valued at $365,000.00! Finally, it was to be delivered by Friday at Noon in order to meet a crane and installation team; Any delay would mean wasting the Customer’s valuable time and money.

How did we handle the transporting of this?

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