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Driving the Food Industry!?!

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On Tuesday, August 20th, 2013, T&P Trucking accepted a contract to move a shipment from La Habra, CA, USA to Delta, BC, Canada. This was no ordinary shipment. This was a masterpiece of machinery┬áto be used in the food industry which also happened to be well over 9 feet tall, finished with stainless steel and valued at $365,000.00! Finally, it was to be delivered by Friday at Noon in order to meet a crane and installation team; Any delay would mean wasting the Customer’s valuable time and money.

How did we handle the transporting of this?

To tackle the height, we used our available 48′ tandem-axle step deck. This allowed the shipment to be moved from it’s location without requiring DOT/CVSE permits or escort vehicles. Additionally, the value of the machine, although great, is not more than our annual insurance policy of $500,000.00 for cargo that comes under our care.┬áThese tools, combined with our efficient dispatchers and professional drivers, would make this move a success.

We were able to have the machine loaded, secured and weather protected on Wednesday 21st and delivered to the Customer on time on Friday 23rd. I drove out to meet the truck and driver upon delivery to inspect the driver, truck and shipment.

2013-08-21 Driving the Food Industry-00882

2013-08-21 Driving the Food Industry-00883

I noted: First, that our driver made sure to wear his Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) on site and acted in a safe manner; Second, he did a good job at protecting the shipment from any weather and road grime; And, third, he secured the shipment according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and DOT/CVSE requirements.

Safe, on time, and on budget!

Sam Pattison