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A New Addition

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If you have ever visited our Langley location, you would have noticed an old yellow ramp sitting in the middle of our loading yard. A few years ago we decided to upgrade it with proper safety railings and a new paint job, but we knew one day it would have to go.

Though that ramp served us well for over 8 years, we were finding that lately, it was needing regular repairs. The frequency of repairs had increased to the point that it needed some type of service every few months. Last month we decided it had ramped its last load. On that note, the whole T&P team is excited to have a brand new addition to our yard – a beautiful, custom built, loading ramp.

The New Ramp

This ramp was built to our specs from our friends at Dura-Ramp. They did an amazing job and it’s perfect for what we need.

Aside from looking awesome, here are some of the features we went with:

30,000 lbs max load capacity

    Built to withstand the consistent barrage of assault that our two spear-like pronged forklift throws at it. It does this with the use of 6 heavy-duty structural beams running the entire length of the ramp.

Adjustable support legs

    Two-speed hand crank system is user-friendly and adjusts the deck height in seconds. The crank system is fastened indirectly to the heavy duty beams with extra bracing to prevent any wibble-wobble from the heavy load above.

Higher safety standards

    To improve the grip on the deck during inclement weather we have installed a high traction serrated steel bar grating. Additionally, safety chains were installed at the front, in order to secure the dock to the trailer.

Compact size

    The ramp comes in two pieces, the ramp and the dock, which makes it easy to move, relocate, and store.

Removable top dock railings

    In order to remain versatile, we wanted the top railings to be removable so we could load long material inside containers.

Level off ramp dock

    As safety is our number one concern, we wanted to ensure the dock could become level before the forklift enters the tractor trailer.

Hinged transition plates

    On either end of the loading ramp, there are 16″ transition plates. Both plates are cut into sections. The top transition plate is cut into three sections to allow for the adaptation to any trailer or ISO container. The bottom transition plate is cut into 4 sections to allow for a smooth transition from an uneven surface.

High quality protective finishing

    A durable polyurethane paint was chosen and applied so that it matched our corporate accent color.

A Perfect Addition

Since we offer so many services, we never know what the next day will bring. That is why it is important that we remain properly equipped to handle a wide variety of loading or unloading requirements.

This new ramp is just the tool we need. We are confident that it will serve us well for many years to come.

To that end we even purchased some touch-up paint to keep it looking beautiful.



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