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Highway 1 Closure

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This morning proved to be very difficult for commuters in Metro Vancouver and the GVRD. Keep reading to find out why.News 1130 on AM radio reported accidents and closures abroad, stating that poor visibility due to a thick fog in the early morning hours created circumstances that heightened the risk of accidents. Sadly, this proved to be true in the case of one woman driving on Hwy 1 Eastbound close to the 264th exit. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and lives affected by this horrific accident.

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This fog has been blanketing Vancouver for the past two weeks at least. Even by 12:00 PM today, fog was still seen in the GVRD area, now breaking to sunlight. In warmer weather, fog limits visibility. In cooler weather, fog can accumulate on the ground which can freeze and form black ice. In either case, all who drive on the road need to reduce their speed to limit the public’s risk of accidents causing injury or death.

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As we enter these colder months, we again ask that everyone who drives on the road to please be cautious in deteriorating weather conditions. Let common sense prevail! Vehicle speed should reflect the visibility around us. As ICBC states repeatedly, “Slow down and use your road sense.” We hope that you do.
Sam Pattison