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Apps Truck Drivers Love

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Many truck drivers today may remember a time when the only way to communicate with loved ones while on the road was to make a phone call from the next roadside diner or use a pay phone at a gas station. Thankfully, the era of the cell phone was soon to arrive, giving everyone the opportunity to keep regular contact with the office and loved ones alike.

Fast forward to today and our phones are much more than just a way to communicate with each other. If you have browsed through your app store lately, you probably noticed there seems to be an application for almost every type of job or industry. As this article is on a trucking website, we thought it made sense to showcase a few of the apps truck drivers love and that can help make life in the trucking industry easier.

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New Speed Signs

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We hope everyone had a fun and safe new year. With the ever-changing road conditions, sometimes the speed we drove last week is now too dangerous this week. It can be difficult for some drivers to correctly gauge which speed is the safest for current road conditions, but it just got a little bit easier!

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