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Semi-Annual Driver Meeting

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Safety is something we take seriously at T&P Trucking, so it is important that we help our drivers stay up to date with the latest safety news and practices. With that in mind, on November 17 we held our semi-annual Driver Meeting in one of the dining halls at the new built Civic Hotel in Surrey, BC. It was awesome to be in a brand new facility. Everything was new and the internet speeds were amazing.

Meeting Highlights

Sam Pattison the General Manager started things off with a general overview of what would be covered in the meeting. As most of the drivers are very busy and don’t always have time to stay long when they visit the office, this meeting was a great opportunity for Sam to update all the drivers with any company wide changes or new things happening in the office.

Everyone seemed to enjoy Sam’s presentation and his good use of photos. For any drivers who were unable to be there in person and missed out on the exciting presentation, we sent them a link where they could watch a live stream of the entire meeting.

Don Mills the Safety Manager soon took over and updated all drivers with new safety procedures. He also gave a recap of how some of our drivers have been able to improve their safety habits, thus reducing the risk of getting an Out of Service violation during inspections. Don also gave an example of how having a dash cam saved a driver thousands of dollars when he was involved in a not-at-fault accident.

We all took a mush needed coffee break. The Civic Hotel hospitality team supplied us all with excellent coffee accompanied with some great treats to hold us over until lunch.

After the break came Trish Mills the Administration Manager. She covered a variety of topics including WCB regulations, safety reminders and safety protocols. She also had some great reminders for our drivers to help them maintain their health and fitness while on the road.

Derek Pearce our Operations Manager was last to take the spotlight. It seems like the drivers always listen to Derek the most as he covers details about changes to current routes and loads along with any new info regarding future routes. When it comes to how you can make more money you would probably listen closely as well.

Derek finishing also meant lunch for the rest of us. Once again we were well taken care of by the Civic hospitality team. Plenty of gourmet sandwiches and one of the best Tomato Basil soups we had ever tasted. The soup was followed up by some equally amazing desserts.

As the drivers were now relaxed and eating their desserts, Don seized the opportunity to hand out some safety awards and a pocket sized safety booklet.

Overall this was a successful meeting which helped our drivers see how staying safe and following protocols throughout the year truly helps them to have a more enjoyable career, earn more money, and stay safe and healthy so they can continue providing for their families.

What is the Point of These Meetings?

Semi-annual meetings like this is part of the reason why the team at T&P can confidently rely on our drivers. When there are political issues that affect US/Canada Boarder procedures, constant roadside inspections, and changing safety regulations, it can make for annoying situations for drivers if they aren’t kept updated.

We always feel better knowing that our drivers are not a liability on the road. We are confident that all of our drivers remain a great example of awesome and successful truck drivers.

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