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T&P Driver’s Meeting on April 26, 2014

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T&P Trucking hosted the latest of the semi-annual T&P Driver’s Meeting at the Surrey Sport & Leisure Center in (Fleetwood) Surrey, BC on April 26, 2014. Find out what was presented by reading more…

T&P Trucking commonly hosts the T&P Driver’s Meeting in October and April of each year. The purpose of these meetings is to provide all of our drivers with training on personal and public safety, on laws pertaining to the various government sectors and on company policy. We do this by means of audio-video demonstrations, best practice scenarios and oral and written testing. Further to this, we keep our drivers up to date with industry and company news, and we give our drivers the opportunity to voice their concerns and give suggestions on how to improve the safety, efficiency and service of the company.

The T&P Driver’s Meeting was held from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM in the MP Room #2. Refreshments were provided by Café Central who are located at the same facility. This time we had special guests, Jacquie Graham and Sabi Mand, join us from Canada Customs CBSA-PIP to assist Sam Pattison and Don Mills in presenting relevant information to our drivers. The main focus on today’s discussions pointed to driver safety and security.

Driver Security

Jacquie Graham and Sabi Mand presented our drivers with various local illegal activities that have compromised our country and community. They identified various contraband that is commonly smuggled across the Canada-USA border and to what lengths that criminals will go to cover themselves from all accountability. They warned about the dark reality and the grave consequences for those that get involved in such illegal activities. They also gave practical and timely suggestions on how to be protected from exposure to such criminal activity. All who work at T&P Trucking are resolved not to get involved with any illegal activities, and to report any illegal activities that we witness ourselves or hear about!


Driver Safety Performance

Don Mills presented information about how our driver’s safety performance has fared since the last meeting 6 months previously. Overall, it was identified that our drivers have performed well with many successful driver and vehicle inspections to prove that our company takes the issue of safety very seriously. Go to T&P Trucking’s safety rating here.

Bullying and Violence

Sam Pattison presented information on how to identify, deal with, respond to and report work place bullying and violence. It is understood that many professional truck drivers are common recipients of such treatment, so we felt it important that these valuable workers know that they have management and supervisors available to back them in dealing with cases of workplace bulling and violence.

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Thank you to all who attended and made this meeting a success! We look forward to our next meeting at the end of October this year!


Sam Pattison