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2016 Golf Tournament Highlights

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Once again there was a great turnout at this years T&P Trucking Annual Golf Tournament on September 17 at Tall Timbers Golf Course in Langley, BC. As T&P Trucking was hosting the event, we had all of our departments contributing to help this years tournament be a success. From sales and accounting, to dispatch and logistics, everyone did a fantastic job helping to facilitate the needs of our guests. Despite the less than ideal weather, we still had a great time socializing with our customers and reliving some of the highlights from last year.

The initial forecast called for a 60% chance of rain mixed with cloudy periods. On the day of, we were confronted with the reality that the rain would be our companion for the entire day. Despite this fact, none of our teams cancelled, and everyone was ready to tee off by 9:15.


Everyone invited is an integral piece to the success of T&P Trucking. From steel processing and pipe manufacturers to the rail industry suppliers, all teams made this years tournament one to remember. Especially since it gave us all something new in common: wet feet!



T&P wanted everyone to have a good time, so we supplied all players with power carts, golf greens, a BBQ dinner, raffle prizes and achievement awards. We also had our favorite hole-in-one prizes, such as the $10,000 and a 2016 Jeep Wrangler. With all these giveaways, no one had to go home empty handed.


Due to the weather, all teams only played the first 10 holes, finishing off near the beverage gazebo and the lodge. It was here that all of our golfing teams had an opportunity to dry off and warm up with some hot food and drinks. After everyone felt warm and full, we gave away the awards. Players were awarded for things such as ‘Most Honest team’, ‘Ladies/Mens longest drive’, and even one for ‘Worst Team’.



For those players who didn’t receive a victory trophy, they still had plenty of opportunities to receive a raffle prize. There was a decent variety of prizes, from golf shirts and hats, all the way up to power drills and the grand prize: a 40″ Samsung smart TV!


We would like to give special thanks to our organiser Chuck Merritt. He gave a considerable amount of his time to help organize and arrange this years event. Special thanks also goes to HUB-TOS Internetional Ltd of Bunaby, who sponsored the $10,000 hole-in-one prize and to Langley Chrysler for supplying the 2016 Jeep Wrangler hole-in-one prize.


We would also like to express our gratitude towards all 9 teams who didn’t cancel even in the face of a torrential downpour. These 9 teams represented companies from all over the Greater Vancouver Area and help support T&P Trucking by depending on our company for all of their flatbed shipping needs. You have definitely helped our company excel in the trucking industry.



We look forward to seeing everyone again at next years event or by bringing you some doughnuts at your place of business. If you’re ever in our area, we would also love you to stop in for a coffee and say hi.