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Why We Changed Our Logo

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Many people have asked us, “why did you change your logo?” It may surprise them and you to find out that this isn’t the first time that T&P Trucking’s logo has be altered. Have you been a customer of ours long enough to know what the original logo looked like? Keep reading to find out more…

T&P (aka “Tried & Proven”) Trucking was started by Tim Pattison in 1980. The original logo reflected this era. You could say that at first glance it was a compilation of John Deere and Caterpillar that included a highway road. The use of solid colours suggested an industrial feel and a solid reputation. The perspective is of a first person view driving a truck on a never ending road heading off into the yellow sun on the horizon; Which suggests a never ending relationship with our customers, that we put ourselves in our driver’s shoes, and that we are dedicated to service. The “Trucking” lettering showed the top line of the “T” extend all the way to the end of the word it is a part of; This indicates the type of transportation that we specialize in, Flatbed work. The logo was adequate for a small company and served it’s purpose well.


About 1990, 10 years or so after its initial inauguration, it was decided that the bold colours of the logo should be replaced with something that is additionally modern and professional looking. Green was replaced with red, and yellow with grey. The perspective of the road was still there, as was the circular “sun” and the flatbed “trucking”. The shape of the logo basically stayed the same, with only a minor lengthening of the road to balance the look.


Finally, last year, in 2013, it was decided that T&P needed an online presence that would showcase the professional and reliable company that we are. In order to accomplish this we needed a logo that could be composed of three parts in three ways: Horizontal and vertical orientations as well as a badge in monochrome and 2D and 3D colour. The current logo just would not allow this.


Therefore, we decided to refresh the one we had. It took about 2 months just to get the basic layout, and then 4 revisions later we end up with what we have on our website and documents currently.¬†We call it a “refresh” because it keeps the basic concepts of the original; The sun, the road in a driver’s perspective and the colours. The “trucking” is kept out of the logo so that it can be simplified to a badge or utilized in horizontal or vertical orientation as a full logo. We replaced the slogan “General Freight – Tried & Proven” with “Honest. Efficient. Reliable.” as we feel these are some of the greatest moral and professional qualities that our company exhibits.


So what do you think about this explanation? How do you feel about the refreshed logo? You can leave a message in the comment box below. Thanks for reading!

Sam Pattison